october 27, 2018

“This word is for Emman. My son, the Lord is saying that, you’ve felt that I am far for a long time, but know that I am near. I hear the cries of your heart, My son. I hear it. It does not fall on deaf ears, and even if you feel like I am quiet, the Lord is saying that, I am working in the background. You may feel and it may seem like, nothing is happening Lord, ‘i go home and its the same thing Lord.’ The Lord is saying, son, hold on, stand your ground. I am a dad to you. I’m taking care of you, taking care of your concerns. Trust Me, trust every step, ’cause I’m going to lead you to green pastures. The Lord says, I am your shepherd. The Lord says, I am keeping you, I am not just keeping you, I am sustaining you, and know that even to the end, i will be there and rooting for you, the Lord says. Emman, I am rooting for you. The Lord is saying, that I’m allowing these things to happen, because i wanted to draw out the warrior in you. The Lord is saying that it may seem like it’s taking so long, the Lord is saying, be firm. I’m firm not changing my mind. The Lord says, firm up, be strong, hold on, press on, son, ‘because at the end of this, you will see, you’re so different from last year, different in your prayer time, you’ll be different even in how you see people, how you love on people. The Lord is even saying that I am pleased with you, I am pleased with your obedience, I am pleased with how you fight, your time with me, and know that I hear you, and I see you, and I have not misplaced you. I know the paths even, I know that where you are, is right where i want you. Thank you, Jesus.

Emman, the word that resonates right now is sacrifice. Even you’ve been asking God, ‘God, am i always going to be the sacrifice, for my family, for everything that i am going through? but God is telling you right now, it may have appeared to be difficult my son, but you know what, in the old testament, sacrifices, the sacrifices are not just any kind of animal, not just any kind of harvest, the sacrifices that are offered are the best ones. and that’s exactly what he’s doing in your life right now. I just want you to be reminded, that these things that you are going through, are just my way to take the best out of you, because i want you to remember that, I have sent you for something great. Your name is Emmanuel not for anything, your name is Emmanuel because you are going to represent me, as you live your life, as you live your life of obedience, as you live your life of stepping out in faith. So be reminded that you are a sacrifice that God is pleased, that God is pleased. Thank you God.

The Lord says that, like a rainbow, I promised that I will never bring the flood again. I’ll never destroy the earth again, and that’s what the Lord wants you to know. You might feel like you’re lacking for proving, but the lord says no. I appreciate every single thing that you’re doing, I promise you I will be here as you walk through all the difficulties. These difficult seasons that you’ve experienced here,┬áthe father says, I will never make you feel that, in my presence, I will bring you joy, I will bring you love, and there’s timing to everyone. And the Lord God says, I’m your father. whatever you do, I will be there to support you, I am a good, loving father and i will protect you, and I will make sure that no one will harm you. I will be the one who will help you, and I will be the one who will be your border to all the pain that you are feeling. In Jesus Name. Amen.”


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july 24, 2018

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